3 Circumstances When a Visitor Visa Can Be Revoked

Posted on: 15 June 2019


If you are planning to travel to Australia to see a friend or relative or for business purposes, then you need a visitor visa. It allows you access into the country for a specific duration depending on the type of visitor visa you apply for. However, just because you are successful in obtaining a visitor visa doesn't mean that the visa cannot be revoked. The immigration department must, yet, have sufficient grounds to cancel a visitor visa, and that is why the application process is stringent. Therefore, you must understand the grounds that a visitor visa can be revoked. Read on. 

Refused Non-Immigrant Visa Application -- The fact that you have received a visitor visa doesn't stop you from applying for a student visa, especially if you have the opportunity to further your education. However, just like a visitor visa, student visa application follows the same stringent process, and the probability of denial is real. If for some reason, your student visa application is refused, then the immigration department will automatically revoke your visitor visa. It is because a common consular belief is that the applicant will use the visitor visa to enrol in an Australian school illegally. The same will happen if your application for an employment visa is denied. The only option, therefore, is to let your visitor visa expire first before applying for a non-immigration visa. 

Conduct After Receipt -- On successful processing of your visitor visa, you might not travel immediately because you need to prepare. During this time, your conduct will largely determine whether the immigration department will revoke your visitor visa. For example, if after receipt of your visitor visa you immediately upload your resume to an Australian recruiting website, then your permit will almost certainly be revoked. Most applicants fall victim because they think that consuls do not have access to this information when, in reality, the immigration department conducts such investigations. 

Corroborated Poison Pen Letter -- Most applicants do not know that their spouse, friend, former business partner, or a jilted lover can write to the immigration department informing them of your alleged participation in illicit activities. As outlandish as it might sound, however, the department often gives credence to poison pen letters given the relations you had with the complaining party. That said, the department conducts typically thorough investigations to ascertain the genuineness of the information contained in the poison letter. If the immigration agency can corroborate this information, then it is highly likely that your visitor visa will be revoked.