Benefits of the 457 Visa

Posted on: 2 July 2015


The 457 Visa is a stairway to heaven for many employees as they get the opportunity to work for Australian and foreign employers down under.  The program was initially introduced by former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.  Previously known as Temporary business, the title of the visa was changed to Temporary Work fairly recently on 24 November 2012.

Although the 457 Visa doesn't nearly provide half the benefits that a Citizenship or Permanent Residence Status provides, it does have a fair amount of utility.

In the simplest of terms, this visa basically allows you to work in Australia for four years or more, bring your family to study or work in Australia and travel in and out of Australia as often as your heart desires.  If your sponsor happens to be a start-up business, your visa will only be granted for a year:

Detailed Benefits

  • There is a straightforward way for you to apply for Permanent Residency if you are working under a 457 visa program and your 457 visa sponsor is willing to sponsor you for PR.  After the completion of two full working years with your 457 visa sponsor, you can apply under the Temporary Residence Transition stream for either a 186 or 187 permanent residence visa.
  • The partners of the 457 visa holders also have the facility of applying for work as they have unrestricted work rights.  Of course, your partner must first possess the skills and experience to apply for a particular job.
  • One of the major benefits of being a 457 visa holder is that you can recover your superannuation if you decide to head back to your home country.  Basically, superannuation in Australia means a compulsory arrangement that is set up by the people to accrue funds to replace their income in retirement.  As it stands, employers are currently required to pay a proportion of an employee's salary and wage into a superannuation fund.
  • If your current employer terminates your contract, you still have the opportunity to seek for a new employer.  In fact, you have around 28 days or more to search for a new job; the employer must be an approved sponsor though.  If the jobs are as dry as the Sahara desert for you, you can also opt to apply for another visa.
  • The Migration Act 1958 enables you to earn a pay rate equivalent to that of any Australian employee who works in the same workplace and has the same job designation. Your employer is also obligated to provide you work that is relevant to your approved occupation.  So, there isn't a need to get your hands dirty in uncharted territories.